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Stainless steel outdoor cabinet

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  • Updated: 2014/5/8
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Cabinet put oneself in another's position with ES structure form, for areas of systems integration provides higher periphery
Armor. Product specifications and the freedom to choose, cabinet put oneself in another's position of the material, the independent specification can be customized, maximum limit
Meet user requirements. Protection grade: IP65. CE certification.
Product features:
Coaming and roof of a bending, built-in frame combination molding, dynamic bearing framework
Weighs 600 kg.
Coaming, sealed, the front and back are removable roof, can be connected and cabinet.
Base is divided into fixed or assembled type.
Frame column configuration of modular DIN mounting holes, the base plate for activity design
Denso convenient and quick.
High elastic polyurethane foam sealing strip, improve the protection grade of cabinet put oneself in another's position.
Standard configuration:
Frame body and coaming 1 set of top 1 1 the front door
Back a mounting plate 1 shield 1 Double row holes 2 pieces of side beams
Materials: stainless steel 304.
The frame body, the side panel, back, side bar 1.5 mm;
The front door 2.0 mm;
Mounting plate is 2.5 mm.
Surface treatment: don't do or powder coating surface treatment processing.
Mounting plate: orange or galvanized;
Cabinet put oneself in another's position: plate color or RAL7032 or RAL7035;
Base: plank color or RAL7022 flat.
Application field
Power coal, petroleum, chemical, cement, building materials, steel, metallurgy, grain brewing, pottery and porcelain
Industry, military, aerospace, aviation industry in various fields such as traffic road information navigation, and measurement and control system
Control higher protection requirements and relatively poor working environment. 

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