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Laser lead the new revolution of the sheet metal processing

Date:2014/5/28 | Read:1697

         Sheet metal cutting is a kind of very common metal processing technology, with the development of science and technology, user requirement for machining efficiency and machining quality is higher and higher, a lot of sheet metal processing enterprises begin to consider add laser cutting machine. In the face of all kinds of laser cutting machine on the market, how to scientifically judge? How to choose suitable laser cutting machine? Here you are. We have modern laser cutting machine selection put forward the following opinions:
At present, most of high power laser cutting machine adopts CO2 laser, can stable cutting carbon steel within 20 mm, less than 10 mm stainless steel, 8 mm aluminium alloy under; In second, fiber laser cutting thin plate within 4 mm obvious advantages, the influence of the solid laser wavelength, it is poor quality when cutting thick plate. Laser cutting machine also is not everything. There's mastercard & CO2 laser wavelength is 10.6 um, solid laser, such as YAG and fiber laser wavelength is 1.06 um, the former is more easily absorbed by nonmetal, can the quality of the cutting wood, acrylic, non-metallic materials such as PP, organic glass, which is not easily absorbed by nonmetal, so can't cutting non-metallic materials, but the two met in copper, silver, laser high pure aluminum reflective material are helpless. 

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